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MSME Registration in Barbil

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Udyog Aadhaar Registration in Barbil


MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. MSME are being classified on the basis of turnover and investment made on the cost of establishment.

MSME represents the budding business of the Indian economy. Therefore, they require support and help from the government to grow into bigger enterprises.

MSME registration is the channel to avail of benefits to these entities. The government provides various kinds of subsidies, concessions, refund to the eligible entities opting for MSME registrations.

Entities who register under this platform used to get a certificate of MSME registration. However, this certificate is now replaced by Udhyog Aadhaar Certificate since 2015.

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Process of MSME Registration






MSME Registration

Benefits of MSME Registration

To Obtain Business Aadhar Registration (MSME Registration), You'll Eligible Accordingly.

Ease of Raising Bank Credit

Enterprise opted for MSME Registration get the benefit of collateral-free loans from Banks. These loans do not attach any asset as a guarantee from the applicant entity. The Government of India in collaboration with SIDBI work for implementation of this scheme in favor of MSME's.

Business Promotion Opportunity

Entities registered for MSME get various opportunities by the MSME ministry to promote their business. They get the invitation to participate in various national and international trade fairs.

Benefits in Octroi

The entities registered under the MSME category get the benefit of refund of Octroi. These entities get a refund on the Octroi paid. Other organizations not registered under MSME need to pay for Octroi.

Income Tax Exemptions

Entities registered under MSME get an exemption to pay Income tax in the initial years of business commencement.

Waving of Stamp Duty and Registration Charges

Businesses registered under MSME gets the benefit of waiver in stamp duty and registration charges.

Electricity Bill Concession

Entities registered under MSME category get the benefits of concession for Electricity bill for an initial period.

Subsidy in Bar Code Registration

A bar code is necessary for manufacturing units. Such units get subsidy benefits if they are registered as an MSME.

Subsidy in Patent Registration

MSME gets a 50% waiver in patent registration fees.

Subsidy for ISO Certification

MSME gets subsidy at the time of ISO certification.

Capital Subsidy

MSME gets 15 % Subsidy to purchase Plant & Machinery.

Requirements for MSME Registration

The following entities can register for MSME

Documents for MSME Registration


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MSME Registration Office in Barbil

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